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Finding Hobbies to Keep You Happy and Healthy as You Age

One of the greatest benefits of retirement is having more time to pursue the hobbies you enjoy and explore new interests, as well. Taking time out of your day to focus on activities that bring you joy can provide stress relief, improve physical health, open doors for new friendships and challenge you to try something new.  

Looking for some new ways to spend your time in retirement? Here are a few hobbies to consider. 

Find Local Opportunities to Volunteer

For many people, volunteering is an incredibly fulfilling way to spend free time. Whether it is donating your time at a local forest preserve, working at an animal shelter or creating care packages for those in need, volunteering allows you to give back to the community while also building connections with like-minded people. 

Geneva offers many local opportunities to volunteer each month, including cemetery clean-up, bike trail maintenance and food bank sorting and packing. You can learn more about current volunteer opportunities in Geneva here

Research Your Family History

Curious about your family history? Genealogy—the study of family origins and history—is becoming an increasingly popular hobby for seniors thanks to easy-to-use, online databases and public resources that help users trace their family trees. This hobby can help keep you busy, boost brain health, connect you with family members and create a lasting legacy for your family!

Make New Friends

If you know what things you are passionate about, consider pursuing those interests with a group of people who enjoy the same hobbies as you. There are many opportunities at The Reserve to connect with new neighbors and form lasting friendships. From reading groups and lunch outings to poker playing and trivia nights, our monthly activity calendar provides important information and dates for upcoming events, social outings and meet-ups. 

Learn a New Skill

Like many older adults who spent decades in the workforce, you probably missed out on opportunities to try something new. Determine the types of activities that interest you and utilize your extra time to learn new skills via classes or clubs. These groups may be centered around arts, crafts, a new language or music, to name a few. At The Reserve, residents can participate in a variety of classes, educational programs and seminars covering a wide range of interests and new hobbies. Whatever you decide, it’s never too late to learn a new skill or talent!

Commit to Your Physical Health

If you haven’t already been making your physical health a priority, retirement is a great time to start. You’ll experience many benefits, including lowering your chances of illnesses, decreasing aches and pains, and boosting your overall mood. For many people, joining group fitness programs improves motivation and makes working out more enjoyable.  Grab a friend and check out a group fitness class or yoga session at The Reserve. 

If group fitness classes aren’t for you, take advantage of Geneva’s beautiful walking paths and trails. Daily walks through nature provide the perfect way to keep your mind and body strong and healthy. Or, if sports like golf and pickleball are your thing, join a local group or club and get connected with other older adults who enjoy the same physical activities. 

Find a Hobby You Love at The Reserve of Geneva

Retirement is the ideal time to explore new activities and find a hobby you love! Whether it has been a hobby you’ve enjoyed for some time or a new adventure you’re ready to start, there’s never a shortage of things for residents to do at The Reserve. 

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