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How Living in Community Can Benefit Mental Health 

This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week—an opportunity for all of us to check in with both ourselves and the people we love! Promoting positive mental health is important for adults of all ages. But did you know that the risk for mental health conditions increases with age? In fact, studies suggest that older adults who live alone are more likely to become socially isolated, lonely and depressed. 

It’s no wonder many older adults thrive in communities designed to foster companionship and enrich the lives of the residents who live there. Here are just a few ways living in an active adult community can benefit your mental health and emotional wellbeing in your senior years:

  • More Opportunities to Socialize

One of the greatest benefits of living in an active-adult community is the sense of belonging and friendship that residents experience. At The Reserve, residents have numerous opportunities for companionship and socialization with like-minded neighbors. Through planned activities, classes, social programs, volunteer opportunities and outings, residents can easily connect with peers who have similar interests. Similarly, The Reserve’s communal dining and shared common spaces provide easy ways to meet new people and maintain life-long friendships. You can view our Events page to see the types of activities and outings we enjoy, or please Like our Facebook page to see the fun our residents have! You are always welcome to swing by and join us for a meal or another social activity. (Just give us a call: (630) 208-9188.)

  • A Sense of Safety

Living in a community helps alleviate concerns with safety by creating a secure and comfortable environment.  Secure entrances and exits, staff support and transportation are just a few ways The Reserve creates an enhanced sense of safety and peace of mind for our residents. 

  • Encourage Physical Activity

Studies show that staying physically active as you age is an important way to improve overall health and maintain independence. Regular exercise can help older adults: 

  • Reduce the impact of age-related illnesses or injuries
  • Improve mobility, flexibility and balance
  • Maintain or lose weight 
  • Improve cognitive function and mental health

Residents at The Reserve have access to our updated, fully equipped fitness center and even a weekly yoga class to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle. If you love the outdoors, Geneva’s Fox River Trail stretches for miles so that you can enjoy nature while keeping your body active. (Our weekly Yoga class is open to the public and is held every Thursday from 9:15-9:45 AM – Just show up!)

  • Access to Lifelong Learning

In retirement, you have more time and freedom to learn and try new things.  At The Reserve, we offer many educational classes and workshops for you to learn and apply new skills. Lifelong learning has been shown to improve memory, reduce the risk for cognitive decline and help prevent depression.  

  • Focus on Healthy Diet

We all know that eating a healthful, balanced diet is important. This becomes even more essential with age, and how you eat affects your whole body, including the brain and mental health. At The Reserve of Geneva, we take great pleasure in providing residents with high quality foods and services in the comfort of their home. Residents can select from an expansive upscale menu, planned and prepared by our onsite culinary director.

  • Freedom to Enjoy the Things You Love 

Retirement is the perfect time to relax, pursue new hobbies and make new friends. The Reserve’s maintenance-free community eliminates many of the stresses that come with homeownership so that you can focus on the things and people you love. From cooking and reading to traveling or gardening, making time for the things you enjoy will help boost your mood and lower stress levels. 

Few decisions impact our health and happiness more than where we live. At The Reserve of Geneva, you will find a welcoming, supportive environment where you can make new friends, stay active, and learn something new every day. Interested in seeing these benefits first-hand? Schedule a tour at The Reserve today! 

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