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Aging at Home: Maintenance Tips and Signs it’s Time to Downsize

Retirement is a time for relaxation, traveling and enjoying the things you love. But let’s face it; if you own a home, it comes with numerous responsibilities, many of which are costly and time-consuming.

With some planning, hard work and assistance, it is possible to keep up with your home in retirement. Or, if the time comes that you decide you’d like to bid farewell to home repairs and yardwork, an active adult living community is a great solution! Here’s a look at common home maintenance tasks and some signs you may benefit from active adult living.

Keep your gutters clean.

It is important to inspect your gutters a few times a year to prevent them from getting clogged with debris. Congested gutters can cause water to leak into your home, damaging your foundation, roof and siding. Ask a family member, friend or handyman for assistance if you don’t feel comfortable climbing ladders.

Inspect the HVAC system.

Don’t forget to schedule a professional to inspect your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system each year. Routine maintenance can extend the life of the system, help lower energy bills and keep the environment in your home safe and clean. Changing air filters each month will also help keep the HVAC system running properly.

Replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

One of the most important things to do every year is to test and replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This quick and simple task could make a life-saving difference if an emergency occurs.   

Flush your water heater.

Most plumbers recommend flushing your water heater once a year to release sediment build up that can solidify within the system. If build up occurs, you could face expensive repairs, system malfunctions or even total failure if you don’t flush it on a regular basis.

Evaluate your sump pump.

Certain seasons can bring a lot of rain. Don’t wait for a major rainstorm to find out that the pump’s motor is broken. Inspect your sump pump throughout the year to make sure it is draining properly.

Check seals around windows and doors.

Take time at least twice a year to inspect your windows and doors for leaky seals. Caulk any open spaces to prevent cold air from seeping in your home while avoiding costly energy bills.

Clean your dryer exhaust.

Regular dryer vent cleaning is crucial not only to the efficiency of your appliance, but also the safety of your home. You can reduce your chances of a fire starting in your laundry room by cleaning out the lint build up in your dryer vent at least once a year.

Is it time to downsize to an active adult community?

One of the greatest joys of retirement is being able to enjoy a carefree lifestyle with as few worries as possible. However, with daily home maintenance and costly upkeep, it can be difficult to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.

One way you can take a step towards a maintenance-free lifestyle is by downsizing to an active adult living community like The Reserve of Geneva. Here are some clues that it may be time to transition to 55+ living:

  • You’re no longer using all the space or rooms in your home.  
  • Cleaning and maintaining your home feel overwhelming and difficult to maintain.  
  • Your home maintenance expenses are eating into your monthly budget. 
  • You desire a lock-and-leave lifestyle without the stress of home maintenance.
  • You’re ready to enjoy retirement without the hassles of yardwork and home repairs.

At The Reserve of Geneva, we shift the burden of owning a home from the homeowner to the community, allowing our residents to devote more time doing what they love most. Our maintenance-free lifestyle encourages active adults to engage with friends and neighbors, take vacations and enjoy our many onsite amenities and activities. To learn more about this vibrant, carefree lifestyle, or to schedule a tour, contact The Reserve today.

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