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Active Adult Living Fosters Friendships—Here’s How

As we age, we often think about the benefits of staying physically active to maintain our health. Did you know that staying socially active is just as important to your overall well-being? There are many benefits to maintaining friendships in retirement including:

  • Improved mental health
  • Better physical health
  • Reduced risk for dementia and memory loss
  • Greater sense of purpose
  • Increased longevity and quality of life

Fortunately, there are many ways to make friends during retirement. Among the best ways to meet new people post-retirement is through an active adult living community. At The Reserve of Geneva, our 55+ community provides residents with an array of opportunities to meet other adults in their same stage of life, form lasting friendships and engage in various social activities.
Here are three ways older adults can connect and build relationships with other residents at The Reserve.

Take advantage of community amenities and common spaces.

At The Reserve, our beautiful campus features a variety of shared living spaces where neighbors can congregate and naturally have conversations throughout the day. These common areas, like the dining room, community room, library, salon and fitness center, provide opportunities for residents to socialize and spend time together without ever leaving The Reserve. Outside of The Reserve, Geneva boasts countless activities, events and places to explore. Whether it’s walking with a friend on the Fox River Trail, taking a community outing with other residents to a nearby sporting event or volunteering for a local charity, there’s always something to do and someone to enjoy it with.

Join a club or take up a new hobby.

A great way to interact with other residents is by joining a club or group within the community. For instance, if you enjoy reading, join a book club. Like to workout? Exercising is a great way to combine physical health with your social well-being. Join other residents for an exercise class in our fully-equipped fitness center, or attend one of our weekly Gentle Yoga classes.

The Reserve has a robust social life with plenty of activities for residents to choose from, including arts and crafts, game nights, technology classes, outings to downtown Geneva and more. When residents make it a priority to regularly attend the events or activities that interest them, they quickly start to develop new friendships within the community.

Host a party in your spacious apartment.

If you love to host, then you’ll love living in one of The Reserve’s charming, boutique-style one and two-bedroom apartments.  Our homes feature fully-equipped kitchens and private balconies or walkout terraces, which are perfect for hosting friends and family. Residents love our large floor plans—in fact, you won’t find a more spacious floor plan for 55+ apartments in Geneva! As an added bonus, we offer multiple, updated shared living spaces within the community that are designed to be extensions of your home—the perfect place for hosting family, entertaining guests and just living!

Start Connecting at The Reserve

At a time in life when it might seem challenging to nurture old relationships and build new friendships, it’s important for retired adults to seek opportunities to socialize and connect with others. One of the many draws to an active adult living community, like The Reserve, is the abundance of opportunities to connect with friends available right outside your door. Here, we provide a safe and comfortable environment for residents to connect, engage and build friendships that support an overall enhanced quality of life.

To learn more, check out our upcoming events or schedule a tour today!

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