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Importance of Social Connections As You Age

We all know that physical activity and diet are key factors for optimal health as you age. And while nutrition and exercise have a great influence on the quality of your health, the relationships you foster and grow also have a major impact on your overall wellness.

Studies show that adults who stay socially active enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced brain health.

Having strong social interactions as an older adult can have a positive impact on your mental health. Participating in group activities with others that stimulate the mind, like chess, crafts and card games, go a long way to help boost concentration, memory and overall cognitive function.  

  • Improved emotional health. 

Having a support system and connecting with others is a great way to boost your mood, improve self-worth and build a greater sense of belonging. 

  • Increased longevity. 

Studies show that a strong social circle may result in a longer, happier life. Friends and loved ones help you manage life’s daily stresses and often play a big role in encouraging you to live a healthier lifestyle, too.

Ways to Stay Engaged. 

At The Reserve of Geneva, you’ll find a community where you can pursue new interests and build relationships that will become the cornerstone of your active, healthy lifestyle. We offer numerous opportunities for residents to reap the benefits of social interactions, including:

  • Eat together. Host a dinner party at your spacious apartment or meet a friend for coffee at The Bistro as a great way to socialize with new and old friends.
  • Join a club. Consider the activities that interest you. Do you like gardening? Cards? Reading? Meeting up with others on a regular basis is a great way to meet new people and enjoy experiences with those who share your interests.
  • Pick up a new sport, like pickle ball or golf to enjoy with your spouse or friend. 
  • Learn something new, such as sewing or flower arranging, at one of The Reserve’s planned monthly social events. 
  • Volunteer within your local community, like a hospital or animal shelter, as a great way to connect with new people while achieving a sense of accomplishment.  

At The Reserve of Geneva, we recognize the lasting benefits of staying socially active, connected and engaged. Residents here enjoy a wide variety of life enrichment programs, planned social events and outings, updated common areas to catch up with friends and new experiences (click here to watch a video showing some of our activities)—all designed to enhance your social connections and overall quality of life. 

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